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Немного психоделических фотографий со съемок Sea Within A Sea

© sickmansick.co.uk

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...ну вот, собственно, и само видео Who Can Say

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Несколько фотографий журнала Loud&Quiet со съемок клипа Who Can Say

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Много новых фото, господа!

Фотографии c сайта clashmusic.com:

© James D. Kelly

и фотосессия для журнала Voxpop:

© Audrey Cerdan

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говорят, следующим синглом с нового альбома станет трек 'Who Can Say', и должен выйти он 11 мая.

I never meant for you to get hurt
And how i try, oh how i try
I could never give you just what you deserve
Another man would surely learn

I know these words may only serve to twist the knife
But i'll strive to make them heard
Maybe it's better now i've gone away
Maybe it's not, oh who can say

And though it's hard for me to say
I know you're better off this way

And when i told her i didn't love her anymore
She cried
And when i told her her kisses were not like before
She cried
And when i told her another girl had caught my eye
She cried
And then i kissed her with a kiss
That could only mean goodbye

And though it's hard for me to say
Maybe you're better off this way
And though it's hard for me to say
I know you're better off this way
Get away

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На сайте NME.com появилось небольшое видео, сделанное во время фотосессии для журнала:

© Dean Chalkley

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Отличное видео с концерта на датском радио 2 апреля 2009

Вот здесь можно посмотреть другой вариант, а здесь его можно даже скачать [111 Mb]

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еще один сингл не за горами

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...а тем временем Фэрис проговорился, что "Next single is out in a few weeks."
и это не шутка )

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новое фото группы

© Tom Beard

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“Shut up, this is NOT The Horrors… it can’t be!”

New Musical Express уже давно послушал и составил свое мнение о новом альбоме:
New Horrors Album 'Primary Colours' - The First Listen

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вот это ночка...

"it's been two years, but finally the horrors are back.
from midnight tonight, visitors to thehorrors.co.uk can view the brand new video for 'sea within a sea', the first single to be taken from the band's forthcoming album. as a special treat we're making the song available to download right now, for free. just signup to the mailing list above to get the mp3.
'sea within a sea' is taken from the brand new album 'primary colours', set for release on may 4th. to accompany the release of the single and album, the horrors will be touring extensively, beginning with a very special gig in london next week"

а вот и видео.

Sea Within a Sea:

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- new track

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новый трек Sea Within A Sea можно скачать на официальном сайте!

Some say we walk alone
Barefoot on wicked stone, no light
and sanctuary found never waits around awhile

Marching to the sea
their dreams stay in the shadows
their dreams stay firmly rooted in the shallows
See the scraping sky
See my destination there tonight

So say I walk alone, barefoot
on wicked stone tonight
Will you leap to follow
Will you turn and go
Will your dreams stay rooted in the shallows

See the scraping sky
Far beyond the shallows
Far beyond the reaches of the shadows

Though youth may fade with boyhood's cares
New fear will catch us unawares
I know it will

So you might say
the path we share is one of danger
and of fear
until the end

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- tick tick tick

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тикает таймер на официальном сайте


осталось всего три часа до... чего? долгожданный альбом группы выйдет в мае, а сейчас мы уже возможно можем ожидать новый сингл?

новое сообщество, посвященное группе the Horrors официально открыто.

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